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Grounding Techniques for Anxiety

Here are some techniques to help you to calm things down before or during an anxiety attack.  You can also use them during a panic attack or at any time that you feel your stress levels spiraling out of control. What is anxiety? Anxiety happens when our bodies go into freeze, fight or flight mode […]

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Supporting someone recovering from an emotionally abusive relationship

Don’t ever underestimate the impact that somebody else’s previous trauma can have on your relationship with them. Whether it’s a partner, friend or family member we may find ourselves trying to deal with unwanted emotional outbursts. Anger and withdrawal are just two behaviours that might occur unexpectedly when they are triggered by something and these […]

3 examples of how we allow negative beliefs to affect us

The following examples demonstrate how some of us might allow events to shape us in a negative way by taking on board things that are said to us.  These false beliefs usually begin in childhood; other children or adults may say things to us in fun sometimes with no idea of the consequences or they […]

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Negative beliefs shape who you are

I’m too fat, too thin, I’m ugly, uninteresting, too quiet, too loud, useless, I can’t cook, can’t dance, I’m stupid, too short, too tall, the wrong religion, I don’t fit in, my skin’s the wrong colour, people don’t like me, my work colleagues avoid me……. the list can go on and on and on and […]

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Articles: Jane Clements Life Coach

In this section will be articles and blog posts that I hope you’ll find interesting. A variety of topics will be covered – many stem from my personal experiences, others are from friends or experts in various fields. Some might have originally appeared on my blog at Scarlet Jones Travels where I began my own […]