Jane Clements Life Coach standing in a tea plantation in Java

My personal journey was born out of a need to heal some deep wounds.  I’ve had my fair share of dramas and I know what it is to experience abuse, bullying, loss and anxiety.

Jane Clements

Life Coach

After my marriage broke down in a spectacular fashion I left my job and my home in the UK in order to find some space and safety on a journey of discovery.

I set out on that first trip as a fledgling travel blogger and writer but whilst I backpacked through South America and South East Asia my path evolved as I discovered a more confident me.  A me with bags more self belief and a me that discovered that I quite liked myself but I also learned that I had an ability to inspire others.

Over the next couple of years I studied mindfulness and other disciplines (CBT and NLP) firstly for my own self development but then so that I could offer even more support to others.

I developed and rolled out an interactive online course (the Smash the Pumpkin Project) that taught people how they could be self confident and to step outside their comfort zone and as I gained followers I found myself being asked if I could give guidance for peoples’ specific problems and so my life coaching business was formed.

I continue to travel and I volunteer when and where I can – usually in exchange for accommodation and meals and I run my business from my laptop.  I have got quite adept at running client sessions from coffee shops or hostels or face to face sessions on a beach or in a park and I still love to write content for my travel blog or for others.

To sum up who I am and some of what I do….

  • I support and guide people in my role as a life coach through a variety of problems – many of which I have experienced firsthand.
  • I have firsthand experience of living in an emotionally abusive relationship, workplace bullying, parental alienation, an emotional breakdown caused by extreme stress and an almost zero belief in myself.
  • I employ many different techniques including Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming.
  • I have written a book – hopefully the first of many – called Becoming Stronger through Mindfulness.
  • I live a nomadic lifestyle but I travel slowly.  I like to immerse myself in the culture and learn about the people that live in a particular place.
  • I usually travel solo but I do also offer a way for nervous first time backpackers to learn the ropes as they travel with me for support.  Inevitably these trips are combined with an element of mentoring and coaching so can be a way of not only discovering new places but also about discovering oneself.
  • I run a travel blog and I write content for others.  I also love to edit and proofread documents, articles and books that have been translated into English, correcting for grammar and context.
  • I am learning Spanish and I have a TEFL qualification to teach English, and I am doing my best to improve and practice yoga and meditation.

The key is to learning how to be happy and content and to love yourself, but if you don’t value yourself or if you have difficulties with your self confidence then I can help.

If you would like to know more about any aspect of what I do, drop me a message and let’s chat.

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