I wrote my book ‘Becoming Stronger through Mindfulness’ to help you understand the basics of Mindfulness and to learn how to deal with the pressures and stresses of everyday modern life with some very simple techniques.

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You will learn how to deal with the incessant chatter that can go on in your head and how it can drag you down if you don’t learn how to change the script. The following is the introductory text from the Amazon sales page:

“I will demonstrate how negative beliefs that are usually learnt many years previously can impact your life now and show you strategies that can help you to change your mindset.

If you want to learn whether you have the power within you to influence your life then you’re in the right place! 

This book is an introduction to a huge topic which, depending on your own unique needs, could spark off in any direction.
Mindfulness is simplicity itself but what is more challenging is learning how we can introduce it into our lives whilst unlearning unhelpful behaviours and learned negative beliefs.

What you focus on in life you will feel.
Focus on your expectations and the now rather than the past.
Focus on the positives and be grateful for what you do have. 

The above have the power to affect your perception and your emotions.
When your emotions are well-balanced and solid, you will become well-balanced and solid and you will learn to believe in yourself. 

You are unique and you don’t need anybody else’s approval in life.
It is your life. Are you enjoying it?”

Here’s that link to my book again

cover image of book Becoming Stronger through Mindfulness

cover image of my book Becoming Stronger through Mindfulness