Jane Clements Lfe Coach in New Zealand

Mindfulness Workshops May 2023

I am running a couple of workshops on Tuesday 23rd May and Tuesday 30th May and I would love you to join me on either one, or better, on both days.  Each workshop will take place in the beautiful Nomada Eco Mountain  Retreat which is in the countryside near Rasquera, Catalunya.

The two different workshops are designed to introduce you to Mindfulness and CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy).  I will explain these concepts and I will demonstrate how you can practice and incorporate them into your life.  There will also be a focus on how Mindfulness and CBT can be applied to our day to day problems and challenges.

Each day will begin at 9:00 and finish at 17:00. 

The cost is 80€ per day, or 150€ for the two if you sign up in advance.

A tasty vegetarian lunch plus refreshments will be included. These days are interactive and will include meditations so please dress with comfort and ease in mind.

Participant numbers will be kept small in order to get the most benefit from each day.

Content will be different on each day and each day can stand alone, so whilst you will benefit by attending both, you certainly won’t miss out if you are only able to attend one of them.  I anticipate keen interest so be sure to contact me and confirm your place as soon as possible. 

What can you expect in your workshop?

Each day will begin with introductions; to Mindfulness, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and to each other. The morning will include practical exercises, some will be written exercises, others will be visualization exercises and there will be an introduction to meditation.

We will break for a tasty vegetarian (and gluten free) lunch followed by an afternoon of more exercises, discussions and self reflection. 

Refreshment breaks during the day will give you an opportunity to reflect on what you have learnt and to share (if you wish) with the others.  Some of the sessions will take place outside in the fresh air where there are gorgeous views of the surrounding countryside and for others we will gather in the cool shade of the practice room.

Worksheets will be provided, however you are welcome to bring along a notebook if you want to write additional reminders and prompts for yourself. 

Although these are workshops you will travel along your own personal journey as we work through some of the exercises.  In order to get the best from your experience the number of participants will be kept low for each day and you should wear informal, comfortable clothing.

Dreams need action - we will cover.....

  • An introduction and an explanation of Mindfulness
  • Understanding how the core values of Mindfulness can change your perspective
  • Putting your sense of self and identity under the microscope
  • Identifying your belief systems, triggers and fears.
  • Taking responsibility for self.
  • Using Mindfulness and CBT to help with anxiety, stress and depression.
  • Learning different meditation methods.
  • Moving on, forgiveness and release.
  • Consider your level of self esteem, self belief and self confidence
  • Goal setting with patience
  • The power of visualization exercises
  • Trusting in your own self; learning acceptance, tolerance and how to let go.
These are some of the key points that we will cover in one or the other, or both of the workshops, although each day has the potential to flow organically depending on your needs and perspectives.

Join me....

Don’t let another year go by without making progress; whether you want to build your self esteem, stop your negative beliefs from holding you back or if you are simply intrigued to learn more about Mindfulness and CBT.

Call me on + 34 642051821 and reserve your place.  If you want confirmation that these days are right for you, send me a message or give me a call and I will be very happy to have a chat and to explain more to you.

When if feels like your only choices are to sink or to swim, I want to remind you of a third option.  

You can float.