Early memories and emotions.

How do we even know which of our emotions are which.  Do we even attribute them the same descriptive words?  Maybe my understanding of excitement would be your anxiety.  My guilt could be your feeling of being responsible.  Had I labeled some of my own emotions incorrectly all my life?  This is complicated stuff!

Travel feeds the soul.

When we come to a crossroads in our life we have choices.  But as well as the choice of which direction we choose to take, we also have the choice of how we will make that decision.  We may question ourselves, procrastinate or even come to a complete standstill if our thoughts overwhelm us.  We […]

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How my experience of an abusive relationship can help you

I wrote this article because I’m asked so many times how it can be possible to move on from an abusive relationship.   People wonder how is it that my past no longer affects me, whether I have regrets and how I can now trust again. But first things first, let me remind you; you WILL […]

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Estrangement from different perspectives

As an estranged parent I am living through estrangement from one perspective: my own; but as a coach I deal with estrangements from several perspectives – and I must never assume that my own lived experience is the same as my clients’ experiences. Every single situation is individual and unique although there are some patterns […]


Your life choices: you can change things around

The time will eventually come when you have to let go of the things that are causing you distress if you want to be happy.  Or you can continue to allow them to affect every aspect of your life – you have a choice. I wrote that first paragraph while sitting on a rock at […]

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Articles: Jane Clements Life Coach

In this section will be articles and blog posts that I hope you’ll find interesting. A variety of topics will be covered – many stem from my personal experiences, others are from friends or experts in various fields. Some might have originally appeared on my blog at Scarlet Jones Travels where I began my own […]