Jane Clements Life Coach standing in front of a green water pool

The anxiety toolkit

I’ve pulled together many things relating to anxiety and made them available here for everyone.  Please feel free to share so that it might help others too.  For further reading, click here for a previous article of mine which explains more about anxiety and panic attacks. The first thing that I want to make quite […]

My personal grounding routine for anxiety

I’ve been asked by many people how I personally cope during periods of heightened anxiety or a panic attack so I hope the following helps you in some way.  Do remember though, that we’re all different and you need to discover what routine works best for you.  If you’d like some help to gently uncover […]

vioew of Dhamma malaya meditation hall

My silent retreat at Vipassana Malaysia

I survived ten days in a silent retreat! I survived ten days with no talking, no communication of any kind and no gestures or body language towards others (apart from the teacher on a couple of occasions), but to be honest, no talking was actually the easiest part. I had been thinking about signing up […]

text of 5 senses method for anxiety

Grounding Techniques for Anxiety

Here are some techniques to help you to calm things down before or during an anxiety attack.  You can also use them during a panic attack or at any time that you feel your stress levels spiraling out of control. What is anxiety? Anxiety happens when our bodies go into freeze, fight or flight mode […]