Learn to believe in yourself

  • Do you want to change your negative mindset?
  • Can you find time over 7 days to change your habits and be positive?
  • I am going to give you some tools which will demonstrate with practical exercises how you can change your negative mindset and learn to believe in yourself again

The first step to learning to believe in yourself  is thinking about how you approach other people.  We are a mirror and our behaviour can reflect our inner self.  You also need to learn to accept yourself and love yourself – and act with compassion, kindness and an open mind. The self belief will then fall into place.  When you sign up to this short course I will guide you through the following chapters:

  • Understand the difference between your conscious, your subconscious and your unconscious mind and learn how they affect you
  • Understand why you should always do your best
  • Smile inside and out
  • Learn about the voices in your head
  • Know why it is so important to be open minded and non judgmental
  • Learn how to stop dwelling on negative or sad thoughts that continue to bother you
  • Save a starfish!

Enter your details into the box below and find out more.  The cost of this 7 day challenge is just £5.00 which ensures that you will get personalized responses to your emails as you work through the short course.  I will send you details of how to pay (via PayPal) with your first message.

You will receive 7 days of emails and videos which will encourage you to think differently.  If you want to see a change then you have to be the change.  This short self help course incorporates some elements of mindfulness together with many elements of common human decency and compassion.

I like to think that you will continue the elements that make up this course for at least a month.  Experts know that we need 30 days to change a habit – and if you want to learn to believe in yourself you need to change some negative habits, thoughts and behaviours.

I could write a book about this topic (I did!  Here’s the link!), or at least I could easily give you 30 days worth of different exercises so if you want to know more after completing this week, please do drop me an email.  I would love to hear from you.

I’m here to support you as you make changes to your life and follow your passion.

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Brought to you by the inspirational Jane Clements (and originally delivered via Scarlet Jones Travels), – the next 7 days will give you some tools which will demonstrate with practical exercises how you can change your negative mindset and learn to believe in yourself again.

You are the driver.  You have the power.

Enjoy the challenge

Jane Clements – Freedom Mentor

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Why is there a charge for this short course?
I have learnt that the majority of people will engage with a course that requires any level of commitment  only when they have assigned a value to it, and usually only when a financial value is placed upon it.

As you work through the challenges you will receive personalized responses from me which I absolutely love doing but as my courses have become more popular market forces demand that I charge for my time. I hope you understand.

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