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Do you want to learn more about abuse, bullying and manipulation?

I am running a series of virtual workshops and sessions about identifying and moving on from emotional abuse.

Topics covered include:

  • What is emotional abuse and how to identify it
  • What are the effects of emotional abuse, coercive control and manipulation
  • How you can bounce back from an abusive relationship or a bully.

I also cover some of the potential dangers that you might face if you decide to move on from your abuser and I will also show you how you can reduce any feelings of guilt, shame, regret or anger.

You will learn about the different forms that abuse can take and you will also understand why you are hearing so much about narcissists in the media these days.

Attention will also be given to the subjects of stalking and harassment and also estrangement – because many abusers use their children as a weapon and they will often do their best to cause a rift in the family.

You will understand how and why some friends and family choose to side with your abuser and I will also give you many practical coping tips to help you to move on from victim to survivor.

Who are these workshops for?

  • You if you feel that you are often walking on eggshells around somebody. (this doesn’t have to be a romantic partner, but could be another family member, a ‘friend’ or a work colleague)
  • You if you have reason to believe that a friend or a relative may be living with abuse (remember, they will often try to hide this and will pretend that everything is ok)
  • You if you are unsure whether your partner or your ex partner is in fact abuse or simply being difficult and
  • You whether you are currently in a relationship that doesn’t make you happy or if you have already left one and you are still trying to process what happened
  • And also you if you want to leave but you are afraid of the consequences or if you have no idea of how to take the first step.

Where will these workshops take place?

There will be a series of free weekly Facebook Live events which will deal with many of the above topics followed by a deeper set of daily workshops that will take place online.

If you are unable to participate in the live events you will be able to catch up and watch the recordings.

The initial Facebook Live events will be free and available to all but if you wish to dive deeper and take part in the daily workshops you will also be offered the opportunity to receive an individual coaching session from me and a gift copy of my book Becoming Stronger through Mindfulness.

How can you take part?

If you are ready to learn more and you want to move on from victim to survivor or if you want some clarity about your situation or that of a friend send me your email address by completing the attached information box.  In return I will send you a free guide to recognizing emotional abuse and bullying which is a great starting point and is something into which we will go much deeper in during the workshops.

So if you are ready to make a change and you want to understand more about this sensitive topic sign up with your email address to ensure that you don’t miss out on your first free session.